I have started my current activity of representing Israeli SMB’s for their export needs and representing foreign organizations for their interests in Israel since 2006.

Prior to that, I have served in managerial positions in several organizations as detailed bellow.

I have studies my Law degree and an MBA in international business at the Liverpool University www.liverpool.ac.uk in the UK.

In parallel, my belief is that involvement in giving back to the community is most important. Accordingly, I have been involved in volunteer work throughout my life.

Member of the Israeli Legal Bar, a registered Arbitrator and Mitigator.

Expert in the A win-win negotiation settlement method for business collaborations.


Our co-operation with foreign organizations focuses on Representation of foreign companies for their interest in Israel.

Here are two examples of different operation strategies:

Mdi consulting –FDA registration service company. Our role as their Israeli front office includes the representation of the regulatory requirements and more. Will stress that the professional registration work is conducted at the mdi’s offices while my task is to mitigate and bridge the regulatory requirements, the business strategy and the psychological differences between the FDA state of mind and the Israeli producers, while obviously saving the time zone difficulties. (Serving some 60 companies) http://mdiconsultants.com/


Primekss – a Latvian patented concrete producer, where we have registered their Israeli Subsidiary, opened their local bank accounts, set their contractual work agreements with the local clients, and assisted in their staff work permits. Currently they employ local staff, and are successfully operating independently in Israel.  http://www.primekss.com/en/


Services to Israeli producers:

Our assistance to Israeli SMB’s in their export efforts include, product-marketing adjustments, locating of distribution partners in their target markets, contractual negotiations, registration requirements in the target markets, and in some cases financial settings.


I have acted for several years as an independent international advisor via the Israel export institute http://www.export.gov.il/eng/Homepage/

It would be a pleasure, learning of your needs in the Israeli market and exploring the potential for collaboration.